Dr. Quaas has been providing nutritional counseling for his patients since 1992. His treatment protocols are based on his belief that the human body requires “real” or whole foods to maintain health and vitality.  Whole foods not only contain the calories we need for energy, but also the vitamins, minerals and enzymes the body requires to drive its many physiological processes. When the body is denied adequate nutrition, it can ultimately lead to a disorder of a structure or function within the body – this is commonly defined as “disease”.  These disorders can manifest in many different ways or “symptoms”. 

Dr. Quaas nutritional treatment goal is to provide his patients with adequate nutrition to meet their individual nutritional needs.  Once these needs have been met, the body has been equipped with the fundamental elements it needs to maintain proper function.  

Dr. Quaas uses the Standard Process brand of organically grown, whole-food vitamins, combined with whole foods for himself and his family, as well as patients who are looking for better health and vitality.  He stresses that his nutritional recommendations aren’t designed to “cure” any disease but rather provide the body with the nutrients it needs to maintain proper function.  

Since he began providing nutritional counseling as a service for his patients, Dr. Quaas has witnessed a cornucopia of success stories from patients who’ve experienced a return to better health and vitality.